Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A Colouring Masterclass

I spent a very enjoyable Saturday at Ashford, Kent this last weekend attending LOTV Colouring Masterclass with Jacqui Dennis and Bev Rochester. To have the opportunity to attend a class with these two wonderful colourers was one that I just couldn't take the opportunity to miss and I was not disappointed. We were given the choice of using either Copic pens or Promarkers and I went with the Copic pens and was very pleased with the result that I achieved with them.

I had not done much colouring with them before, especially after I knew that I was going to attend this class.

We were going to learn to colour an animal first and was given the stamped image of James Bear to colour first. This was to learn how to colour fur.

I liked the idea that we were given the stamped images rather than having to stamp them ourselves, although if anyone had not stamped, then Jacqui was available to show you how to get the perfect image. This meant more time could be spent on colouring.

Once we had finished the image with the pens, we were then shown how to use Prisma pencils or polychromos with a blending stump to finish the colouring and make it stand out more. This was a technique that I had not used before and was surprised at the difference that it made to the image.

Once that image was finished, we we then given the stamp "Sailing Boat" to colour. This was chosen so that we would be able to learn how to colour flesh and also to colour hair. It was also an opportunity to learn how to colour white images which we used on the sail. You don't actually leave it white but put some shading in which then made sense once we did this. We did not finish this image with the pencils as this could be done at a later time as there were two other projects to complete. It was to mainly learn the techniques rather than spending time finishing each image. It was good that enough was completed without spending too much time on each one.

After this, we were given the "Love Grows" stamp to colour and this one was the most difficult due to the fact that there were lots of small bits to colour and quite a few different elements. Although there were a lot of elements to colour, we used relatively few colours as too many colours can ruin the design. We also coloured all over the dress and pot as the colour around the spots would be too time consuming on the day but would be done that way if you were colouring at home.

We were also taught about going around the image with either a copic pen or with a pencil to emphasise the image. I used a light blue polychromo pencil around the top and sides and then worked it in with a blending stump. We could then finish the image and make a card out of it as all card, paper and embellishments were provided to enable us to do this.

Most of the class chose to take the pack home and to colour in another image at the class. This time, the image that was provided was "Rosie" and seems to look rather blotchy faced in this photo but does not on the card and I really should not have rushed the shoes last night without my glasses on as this was the only colouring I did not do on the day.

I really thought that Jacqui and Bev did a fantastic job and I got an awful lot out of this day. I liked the idea that we all received a small booklet of the techniques that we had learnt on the day and the hotel that Jacqui picked was ideal.

Laila, Lisa and the staff of Lily of the Valley did a great job organising the day and I even managed to top it off by having my name pulled out of the raffle for a bottle of Cava. Of course, I spent too much money at the shop but then what point is there of going to a class without picking up some supplies that you always need!