Saturday, 29 June 2013

White on Black

I seemed to have found a new vigour for making whitework cards in parchment and enjoyed making this one.  It has a little more cutwork than the last card that I made but again when black card is placed behind, makes a card that really stands out.  I first traced the pattern with white tinta. 

I then pierced the pattern at the top of the card using an easy grid and also the pattern where the cutwork would be.  I then embossed the folowers and hearts on the pattern and where I had lightly embossed, I then stippled to give it a textured effect. 

Once all the embossing had been done, I then cut out the crosses and then using a two hole tool, perforated around the edges of the flowers and cut away the excess to complete the cutwork.

I then added a black card as an insert to finish the card.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Wedgwood Visit

I have always loved Wedgwood plates and went to visit the Wedgwood Museum on the way back from a football match recently. As it was a Sunday we were not able to go into the factory but they still had a demonstration area where various aspects of decorating pottery were being demonstrated.

I had asked the demonstrator that was decorating plate with enamelling whether it was a job or a hobby for her - the answer was both - and we got talking and I mentioned that I was a crafter.

I was quite surprised when she asked me if I would like to try it.  I was expecting to go into the middle of the room and try and one of the items that you can decorate and then get sent to your home but instead I was told to sit at her seat.  She loaded up the brush for me and I then proceeded to decorate some of the plate.

I must admit that it was very relaxing and that I really enjoyed it.  Lucky I had my husband with me the take a photo of what I was doing.  It was also nice that the demonstrator said that I had done it well.

I can't see myself doing it again as after each colour the plate has to be fired but it made a nice change to go away and still do something crafty.

There were some wonderful pieces of pottery at the Museum and I can certainly recommend it as a worthwhile place to visit.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Dandelions and Ivy

This card has no cutwork on at all but it just whitework, tinta and dorso.  This card is very quick to make as the embossing takes the longest and there is not too much of that on this card.  The colouring and tracing are very quick.

Before tracing and embossing, I coloured from the reverse of the card using Dorso crayons to create the two tone effect background.  This needs to be done first to ensure that the colour does not come through onto your whitework.

The pattern was traced out in Gold tinta ink and the embossed from the reverse.  Apart from ensuring that the border was really white, the whitework is only light on the petals and leaves.