Sunday, 31 May 2015

Graduation Cards Part 2

As we had taken my Mother with us to the US, I made the graduation cards for her to give to her Grandson and his girlfriend.  It would be more difficult to buy a card at this time of the year here and what was the point of having a daughter make cards if you couldn't call on her when necessary.

I wanted to use Whiff of Joy Graduation Willow and Graduation Oakley stamps. I had to look around for the stamps to make the cards for her and although I bought Graduation Willow here in the UK I ended up having to buy Graduation Oakley from a store in Iowa, which was quite ironic seeing as that was where the card ended up back.  The problem was that graduations are so much earlier in the US than the UK and there just did not seem to be much around in this country.  Of course, once I got to the US, there were lots of graduation pieces in all the craft stores but by then was too late as we only arrived a day and a half before the ceremony.

Again I wanted to keep the colours blue and yellow for the University and so coloured the robes blue and used copics again for the colouring and decided to make a stepper card using my dies from Tattered Lace.  I then downloaded some images which I coloured and attached to the card and personalised the books with their names and the University's name.  For the greeting, again I typed out what I wanted to say and then foiled it.  I also typed out the verse and foiled that before attaching it to the card.  

I have attached a photo of them both together and think that they make a lovely couple and they certainly made us all very proud.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Graduation Day

I am now back off holiday - although with the weather we had, it did not quite have a holiday feel as was quite cold.  We had gone to the Iowa in US for the first few days for my nephew's graduation - or commencement - and had taken my mother with us.  We then headed on to Chicago to catch up with friends and for me to catch a baseball game after.

It doesn't seem like 4 years ago that we had a party to wish him well on his course.  We were really delighted that he managed to get a double major and also graduated Summa Cum Laude which is the equivalent of a First Class with Honours here in UK.

His girlfriend also graduated at the same time and it was great to meet her family.  

I decided that I wanted to make the same card for them both but one with a girl and one with a boy.  I managed to find La-La Land stamps Graduation Luka and Graduation Marci which were ideal for what I wanted but had to order them from Texas.  I coloured them with copics but kept the theme blue and yellow, which are the colours of the University.

I used both Spellbinder dies and Tattered Lace dies to create the background and just typed the sentiment onto some card which I then used my foiling machine to finish.

I also made a mortar board to go inside the card that popped up when opened. 

To finish, I typed a verse onto some card, added a picture of a diploma and mortar board and again foiled it.

I did not put a tassel on the mortar board and I could not get the right colour for Emily as the colour denotes the subject in the US and I just could not get the colour Citron right so left both off.