Saturday, 28 August 2010

Not been too good at updating

Well, I have not been too good at keeping this up to date - the time just seems to fly and all good intentions with it. Since my last posting I have not made too many cards but have been to a few workshops. I went to Doncaster for Summer Crafting in July and did four workshops there. I also went to Jayne Nestorenko's VIP workshop in August and really enjoyed that.

Since then I have fitted in a quick holiday to New York with my husband and that certainly was not long enough. I did not find many craft shops apart Michael's and one that I had not been to before - A C Moore - which is very similar to Michael's so did not spend too much on crafting goodies there.

But we did get to see and do a lot of things such a riding on "The Cyclone" at Coney Island (although husband was not prepafred to do that), watching baseball at Yankee Stadium and Citifield. We also went to Atlantic City, Ellis Island, observation platforms at Top of the Rock and Empire State Building and climbed to the Crown at the Statue of Liberty. We also did a food tour of New York where we got to taste such delicacies as freshly made mozzarella, italian salami, Garlic Wurst, Key Lime Pie, Russian dumplings with sourcream and a few others.

Hopefully, now I will be able to get back to cardmaking although with the football season in full swing, that might not happen as much as I like. I have got a couple of workshops coming up in the next few months so hopefully will be able to get some quality time crafting.

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