Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Card for January's Birthdays

I was going to make a card for my Mother-in-Law's and friends January birthdays using a design that I had used before but then realised that I had layered the cards without putting the ribbon on, so it was all change. I think I actually like these better than the ones I was going to make - maybe I have made too many of them before!  I used made them both in blue and white but used a lighter shade for my Mother-in-Law's card.  I used the darker blue and white for my friend's card as it is the same colours as our football team and I know that she will appreciate the thought behind it. 

I had already cut out the Elegant Posts for the top and bottom pieces of the card and decided that I would set it  landscape rather than portrait so that I could have a centre sentiment with the words that I wanted.  I used Spellbinders Lattice Rectangles, alternating the colour for each size.  With the final size, I printed out in matching colours, the sentiment that I wanted for each card and then cut it out with the Spellbinder die to ensure that the sentiment was centred correctly - and I do not know of a printer that would take card that small!

I then added roses that I had bought from in opposite corners to finish the cards.  To ensure that they do not get damaged in the post, I have made box envelopes for them and also put an insert inside with a verse printed on some beautiful Gold Dust Shimmer paper that I got from ebay.  It is 120gsm and it a beautiful paper to use. 

Although this is my first post for the year, I am determined this year to ensure that I post at least twice a month - and even more if possible but at least I am setting a realistic target. 

Check back soon to see if I am actually achieving it!

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