Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Parchment and Peel offs

This card has been made very quickly using large peel offs.  This is a good card for a beginner to practise using a grid or just to make a quick card.

I just folded a piece of A4 parchment paper in half and the chose a large peel off which I stuck onto the parchment paper in the bottom corner and attached two smaller peel offs in each of the top corners. 

Using White Tinta ink I then traced around a greeting that I had (I had previously typed this using a large font and then printed out).  From the back I then embossed the wording and the flowers of the top corner peel offs.

I then coloured the flowers of the large peel off from the front using Tinta Yellow Ink.

With an Easy Grid, I pierced each hole to form the pattern inside the peel offs of all that had not been coloured all embossed.

With a Semi Circle Perforating Tool, I then pierced a pattern from the edge of the peel offs to the edge card and cut out.  With a Two Split perforating Tool, I pierced from the edge of the card to the peel off and in between the peel offs and cut to create a nice border.

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