Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Mother's Present

I am feeling rather pleased with myself that I am managing to do a few of the crafts that I have not done for a while and this time it is knitting.  I used this pattern to make my mother a twin set some 25 years ago and it has now worn out so I decided that it was about time I got my knitting needles out again.
It seemed to take much longer than it used to but I guess I must be out of practice.  I used a Sirdar pattern and double knit wool for this and must admit that I enjoyed it.  It is also good that it is something that I can do on the train each day going to and from work.

The photos have not come out very well and they are actually the same colour, although they do not look it and I found it awkward to place to get a photo.  They are also looking rather creased as they had not been washed due to the fact that I only finished them the day before my mother arrived to stay with me for the weekend.  They do look better in real life.

She was very pleased to get it and absolutely loved it so the effort was worth it.

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