Monday, 30 November 2015

I have been MIA for a few weeks now as I had a two week holiday in Walt Disney World but came back to find that we had been visited by an unwelcome visitor whilst we were away and have been dealing with the aftermath of that.  Insurance companies are not the easiest people to deal with and of course we are now adding extra security.  Not the best sight when you walk through the door after a long flight but are now near the end of the process.  I have learnt to deal with an insurance company that deals with claims themselves and not through third parties.

I was glad that I had booked a workshop locally to me before I went away, otherwise I don't think that I would have gone.  I have never done a class with this tutor before but it turned out to be an enjoyable class and quite a small one which was good.  It was nice just to be able to concentrate on crafting and clear my head of anything else for a few hours.  It was a good interlude among all the mayhem.

It was making a Christmas Wreath from an MDF kit although you could make cards and tags instead of the wreath.  I wrapped the frame with Hessian before decorating with the poinsettia leaves and petals.  I used a different technique for each part and had fun making this.  It was a nice small class and just what I needed.  

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