Monday, 14 November 2011

A "Bit of a Do"

Yesterday I spent a lovely day in Rugby with the wonderful Jayne Nestorenko at her Christmas "Bit of a do".  This was a Christmas social rather than a workshop although as it was Jayne, we did have a craft project to do.  The morning started off later than usual and instead of settling down to crafting was to settle down to toasted tea cakes and coffee.

The project Jayne set was making Christmas crackers - but not just any crackers.  These crackers were sold at a well known high end store in Knightsbridge. They were made with cardboard, crepe paper and wrapping paper and certainly is not your normal run-of-the-mill cracker. I have not yet decided what embellishment to put on the top of cracker to finally finish this cracker off.

Although I have the black one here, we also were given papers to make a red one as well.  We could either finish on the day or take home to do so I have decided that I will make this later.

We also had a lovely 3 course meals and the afternoon was then spent finishing off the crackers and guessing the babies and wedding photos!

It was a really relaxed day and everyone seemed to enjoy the day and hopefully we will have another "bit of a do" next year.

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