Saturday, 4 August 2012

Parchment Geisha

After making the Fan card at Jayne Nestorenko's workshop, I thought that I would make a similiar card but in Parchment.  I am not sure whether I like it that much or not but think it is growing on me.  I used the Glitter Girls Elegance and Fantasy Embossing Board to make the fan shape first our of black card.  I then used the boarfd to create a fan in parchment paper and embossed the lines more heavily to make them stand out.  Then I embossed a pattern at the top of each section of the fan. 

Using an Easy grid I perforated the pattern in each section of the fan by perforating a block of 4 holes then leaving a block of 4, alternating on each row.  In the blank row, I embossed a small circle and then cut a cross in each of the perforated blocks to create the overall pattern. 

Close Up of Cut work

I then stamped the Geisha image onto parchment paper using a white ink and then embossed from behind.  I decided against any colour as I just wanted this to be monotone.  I Geisha image using Spellbinder Labels 2 and then embossed around the edge of the label.   I then cut out a larger Labels 2 in black card and mounted the image onto that.  I used pearls in the corners to prevent the adhesive from showing through and then added the pearls to the black card for effect.  I stuck the parchment card onto the black card and then added the image topper to the fan to finish.

This card was also show by Jayne on Create and Craft when she launched her stamps.

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  1. Elaine this card is gorgeous and looked beautiful on the telly. As soon as Jayne held it up I knew it was one of yours as you'd told me you did parchmentcraft. Well done you! See you on the 30th Sept. xx