Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Mr and Mrs Snowman

This is a nice light card for Christmas. There is no whitework or cutwork which makes is quicker to make. It is a card that I really like making and has a real winter feel to it.

The snow people were traced onto the parchment in white tinta ink and the snowflakes with silver tinta ink. The pattern was then pierced.

The snow people were coloured in with tinta ink and Perga Liners and the white parts were then embossed and stippled. Then they were shaded using a blue Perga liner.

The snowflakes were coloured from behind using the Perga Liners and the lines of the pattern were embossed to make them stand out more.

I then drew a double border around the top, bottom and right side of the card and just a single border on the left side of the card with silver tinta ink. I then added a shiny pale blue insert and then cut the edges of the card with decorative scissors to finish.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Elaine wow this is beautiful, gorgeous design and parchment work, love the snowmen.

    Hugs Julie x