Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Christmas Lampshade

As it is that time of the year, I thought I would show something different that a card.  This lampshade can be put on your Christmas table to decorate it.  Although you can use a real tealight, it would be better to use one of the artificial lights that you can now buy.

If you do use a real tealight, ensure that there is enough clearance at the top and sides to enure that your lampshade does not catch fire This needs to be done on a heavyweight parchment and is very quick to make as there is no whitework or cutwork. 

The holly leaves and berries outline was first drawn in Tinta ink. I used the perforating semi circle tool the create the border and then cut between the perforations to get the finished shape.  I then went around the border with gold Tinta ink.

The berries and holly leaves were painted with Pintura paint and then embossed from behind to add depth.   I then drew some poinsettia flowers onto red parchment paper and cut them out.  I embossed from behind to take out some of the colour and also to shape the petals and glued these onto the shade and heavily embossed the centre. I then added a few gold beads to the centre of the flower leaving the heavily embossed part to form part of the centre.  I then used some double sided tape to attach both sides to form the shape.  As it is a heavier parchment, the tape does not show quite as much.


  1. Hi Elaine wow this is just beautiful, you are so clever, I admire anyone that does parchment work, it's so beautiful and delicate.

    Hugs Julie xx