Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Happy Christmas

Schwarzenberg Market
Hope you all have had a great Christmas and are having a nice well deserved rest.  It is just a shame that the weather is so wet.

I have had a really busy Christmas period with the usual making cards for family and friends but also this year I have had quite a few requests to make cards for other people and that has taken time.  I had not planned on making cards for other people but took the opportunity that was given.

View from hotel room in Gera

I also got away for 8 days to Germany.  Both my husband and I enjoy the Christmas Markets over there and this year we decided to visit friends and drove over to the eastern part of Germany and ended up visiting the markets in Dortmund, Gera,  Schneeberg, Schwarzenberg, Jena, Leipzig, Erfurt, and Cologne.

We hit a lot of snow when travelling east and although made for some pretty Winter Wonderland scenes, did making driving difficult. It was amazing how quickly the snow ploughs cleared the roads and the only really difficult part was about 3 miles from our hotel.
Schneeberg Market
The markets are all very different although all have the usual Gluehwein stalls which never seem to be  empty.   Our friends took us into the Erzgebirge region (Ore Mountains) to a Christmas Market that was mainly woodcarving from the area. The work was really lovely and is considered the best in the area.  I must admit that we were pleased that they drove as they had a 4 wheel drive with winter tyres.  We both ended up buying better boots to keep our feet warm and dry.
Leipzig -  Advent Calendar

It really made a lovely break and if you have never been to the Christmas markets and get the change, then it really is an experience not to be missed.  The only thing I don't like is being at them on a Saturday evening as you really cannot move in them in the bigger cities.  The are full of both locals and tourists.  It is one place where locals and tourists do mix.

It was a nice break from the Christmas rush but did mean that it was then a last minute panic to get ready for Christmas but I did manage it eventually.

Cologne Cathedral Market

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