Wednesday, 16 January 2013

First Grandaughter Card

I was asked by a friend to make a card for his new Grandaughter.  I had previously made a card for his son's 21st birthday and was pleased that he thought to come back to me to make another.

It was his first grandchild and he was quite particular in what he wanted.  He provided the words that he wanted on the front and the verse inside but left the design up to me.  He wanted it as a keepsake for her.

He had requested that maybe a pram or something along those lines on the front of the card but when I saw a pattern for this dress and hat, I thought that would be more appropriate.

I first printed the verse on some beautiful textured baby pink shimmer card that I bought from ebay.  I thought that the words in the verse were beautiful and were really fitting for a grandaughter and am sure that she will treasure this when she learns to read.  I added a scroll to each side of her name and the bottom.

The words do not show up so well in the photo but read:-


Welcome to the world and to our family,
May your life be filled with love
in everything you see.
You have a precious mother
who will give you love and tender care.
Your Mum looked so proud of you
As you peacefully slept there.
She too was my first child,
not so many years ago.
And not ashamed to tell you
how I loved her so.
May your life be filled with laughter,
and always wear a smile,
So as you grow from baby to toddler,
from girl to woman,
we’ll always remember the first time
I saw from your

I printed out the words for the front of the card on a piece on plain paper and then traced them onto parchment paper in silver.  I then traced the pattern of the dress and the hat in silver tinta ink. 

I then coloured the dress and hat with a dorso pastel leaving the areas that I wanted to emboss.  then embossed the looping pattern on the dress, the bottom of the hem and the bow.

With a flower tool I pierced the bottom of the dress hem and then using a four needle tool, pierced the body of the dress.

I then attached the parchment to the insert with ribbon to finish.  I glued the ribbon to both the card and the parchment paper and this ensured that the two would not come apart and also hid the glue on the parchment paper.

My friends was absolutely delighted with this card and so was his daughter.  I am sure that his grandaughter will treasure this in the years to come.


  1. This is absolutely stunning Elaine, the work you have put into it is fabulous, I am sure your friend loved it.

    Hugs Julie x

  2. Wow Elaine this is a wonderful keepsake for Destiny. She will treasure it forever for sure. Hope you are well and keeping safe and warm. xx