Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Butterfly Flitters

One thing about going to Jayne Nestorenko's workshops is that she always seems to come up with different projects.  This card was from another one one of her workshop and this was no exception. 

This one was made at the same time as another card.   Jayne has changed the way we do her workshops and it really good for everyone.  She gives all the projects out in the morning and goes through them and that way everyone can work at the own pace - rather than having some behind and some sitting there finished waiting for the next thing to do.  She goes through everything at first and then walks around ensuring that everyone knows what to do and helping where needed.

This card was made using one of her favourite stamps - although she did not design the stamp - a butterfly medallion stamp and it is hard to find this stamp now.  The butterfly was stamped 6 times onto different coloured card and each cut out leaving a little bit more each time.  The images were then glittered but only where it was going to show.  There was no glitter added that would be underneath any other card.  The background was made with That Special Touch Trellis Mask which was put through the Grand Calibur and embossed.  The diamond design was then cut out with a craft knife.  A piece of blue paper was attached to the back to make the trellis work stand out.  The background foliage was cut from Spellbinders Shadow Flowers.

The card was then finished by using Cosmic Shimmer PVA glue to create a trail.  I never quite finished it at the workshop and bought it hiome to finish and then put it in the unfinished pile and eventuaqlly got round to finishing it this week!


  1. This is beautiful Elaine, I love the trellis work and the butterflies are gorgeous, what a lovely effect this card gives.

    Hugs Julie xx

  2. Hi Elaine. I love this card and wish I had been at that workshop as this is one of my favourite stamps too. I am lucky enough to have this stamp and have used it many times. See you before too long I hope xx