Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Heart Card

As Valentine's day is tomorrow, I thought I would make this card.  It is a very quick parchment card as is a little tracing and embossing with some quick grid work on. I have saved the sentiment for the inside of the card.

I first traced the pattern onto the front of some parchment paper with both gold and white tinta ink. I then embossed the flower into the centre of the pattern.  I did not trace the pattern onto the parchment paper but instead just embossed.  To add depth, I stippled part of the stem.

The inside of the heart pattern was coloured with Dorso Pastel and then I embossed the hearts on the pattern with a cross hatch pattern and also the outline and pierced along the lines of the cross hatch.

Using a grid, I pierced the pattern on the rounder of the hearts pattern and then with a two hole tool, pierced down from the top left hand corner of the card to around the pattern and back down to the bottom left hand corner of the card.  I then cut away the parchment to form the front leaf of the card. 

I folded some pink card to create the inner of the card and trimmed around with some decorative scissors to finish the card.

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