Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Parchment Heart Card

This card has very little whitework or cutwork on, but is mainly painting. 

The back of the parchment between the edge and the inside heart has been coloured using Pergamano Dorso Pastels

The pattern was first traced with gold tinta ink and then traced the leaves with green tinta ink.  I then coloured the background with the Dorso Pastel.

I perforated the parchment paper with a 4 needle tool and I embossed in the middle of the perforated pattern, in the leaves  and also between the gold pattern.  Next I cut the crosses in the pattern.
I then painted the flowers using two colours of Pintura paint on the paintbrush and then added a centre to each flower and then highlighted each petal with blue Pintura Paint.
I then folded the parchment paper and with a two hole tool perforated around the outside of the pattern through the two layers and then cut out the shape to finish the card.


  1. Wow Elaine this is so beautiful, you have a lot a patience, it's something I would love to learn, but as yet not got round to it.I am sure whoever receives this beautiful creation will absolutely love it.

    Hugs Julie x

  2. OMG Elaine this is absolutely beautiful xx