Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Wedgwood Visit

I have always loved Wedgwood plates and went to visit the Wedgwood Museum on the way back from a football match recently. As it was a Sunday we were not able to go into the factory but they still had a demonstration area where various aspects of decorating pottery were being demonstrated.

I had asked the demonstrator that was decorating plate with enamelling whether it was a job or a hobby for her - the answer was both - and we got talking and I mentioned that I was a crafter.

I was quite surprised when she asked me if I would like to try it.  I was expecting to go into the middle of the room and try and one of the items that you can decorate and then get sent to your home but instead I was told to sit at her seat.  She loaded up the brush for me and I then proceeded to decorate some of the plate.

I must admit that it was very relaxing and that I really enjoyed it.  Lucky I had my husband with me the take a photo of what I was doing.  It was also nice that the demonstrator said that I had done it well.

I can't see myself doing it again as after each colour the plate has to be fired but it made a nice change to go away and still do something crafty.

There were some wonderful pieces of pottery at the Museum and I can certainly recommend it as a worthwhile place to visit.

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