Saturday, 29 June 2013

White on Black

I seemed to have found a new vigour for making whitework cards in parchment and enjoyed making this one.  It has a little more cutwork than the last card that I made but again when black card is placed behind, makes a card that really stands out.  I first traced the pattern with white tinta. 

I then pierced the pattern at the top of the card using an easy grid and also the pattern where the cutwork would be.  I then embossed the folowers and hearts on the pattern and where I had lightly embossed, I then stippled to give it a textured effect. 

Once all the embossing had been done, I then cut out the crosses and then using a two hole tool, perforated around the edges of the flowers and cut away the excess to complete the cutwork.

I then added a black card as an insert to finish the card.

1 comment:

  1. Firstly great to see you on Sunday but sadly we didn't get much of a chance to chat as we were all so engrossed in the gorgeous projects Jayne & Helene had come up with. It was a great day.
    Now on to your beautiful card. It is absolutely beautiful and I really wish I was half as good as you at Parchment Craft. I recently did a cut out frame which really & truly was out of my depth so I had to adapt it to level in order to complete it or I would bnever have got it done. I intend to use it to frame one of the wedding photos so I may share it when it's done. Have a good week xx