Saturday, 17 August 2013

Blue Square

This is a quick parchment card to make but does not look like it.  I first drew the octagon onto the parchment paper with gold tinta ink and then using a two hole tool went around the outside and then the inside of the border and then cut the outside of the border to form the card shape. 
Then on a square piece of parchment, drew the border and cross hatch and then coloured the parchment using Dorso crayon.  I went around the outside of the card with a semi circle tool and cut away and then embossed a small dot in each semi circle of the border.  Using a grid, I perforated using each hole on every other square to form a pattern.
I drew two flower petals with gold tinta ink and on the bottom one, again using the grid pierced the parchment and on the second one I stippled the petals.  This is done by first lightly embossing the petal and then with a one hole tool, lightly stabbing to form a frosted pattern.  I then cut these out using a two hole tool and added some ribbon and layered my pieces.
I then put an insert into the card that was slightly bigger and cut around with decorative scissors to finish.

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