Monday, 21 October 2013

Jayne's Workshop Weekend - Part One

I spent a lovely weekend last week in Crick at Jayne Nestorenko's workshop.  It was certainly a weekend of fun, crafting and food.  It was good catching up with everyone and a couple that I had not seen this year.
We managed to complete 5 projects of the proposed 6 projects and in my group we made a gift bag instead of a lantern.  Our first two projects were made with Jayne.

The first card was made using gilding flakes which we then embossed and one of Jayne's new stamps especially designed for this workshop which I coloured using Copic pens.  We also added a ribbon border using stamps and embossing powder. 

The next project was a gift bag and again the image used was another of Jayne's stamps which she had designed for this workshop. 

We thought that it was going to be easy and that we were just going to colour our image (which again was coloured using copic pens) and then matt and layer this onto a bought bag but we should have known better and that Jayne had different ideas - we were going to make the bag up from scratch.

This was easier said than done but in the end we all got there and succeeded in getting our bags made . 

The final project of the day was made with Helene - and again we  had the honour of working with some more of Jayne's stamps.  Jayne had ended up making 4 stamps for use with her workshop and on this card we used 2 of them as well as some stamps from Jayne's Winter Foliage set.

As this was a workshop with Helene, the were obviously going to be use of distressing inks and Helen really excels with this.  The card from was from a bought card blank which we coloured with distress ink around the borders and on the ivy.  We then cut into the ivy so that we could place our embossed white background. 

We then embossed the pattern using That Special Touch Mask Snowflake Frame and lightly distressed the raised pattern.  This had to be done very lightly and in the words of Helene "as light as a fairy's fart".  I guess this summed it up great!

Using distress inks we then created the scene inside of the frame and once this was done, glittered the frame.  This was then attached to the background and we then added the snowtree which had been painted with distress ink and lightly glittered.

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