Sunday, 23 October 2011

A Card for Mum

Another day and another blog. If I keep this up I should catch up with what I have been crafting over the last few  months.     

Today I thought that I would post the design of the cards that I made for my Mum and for her sister for their birthdays, although not the actual cards.

It was a design that I got from Sue Wilson using mainly Spellbinders and also the wonderful crinkly ribbon and organza roses that Sue has sourced. They can be purchased from Sam Poole's shop at

Although Sue used hat pins on her card, I decided not to use them as I prefer them without and did not want my Mum or Aunt to inadvertently prick themselves.

I don’t actually have a photo of the exact cards I made for them both, I thought that I did have but only on posting realised that I didn’t. I made theirs in black and white, with white being the dominant colour but I have included some that I made with different colours, including other variants of black and white.

There are so many colours schemes that you can do this card - it is just a question of finding the ribbons that match. The flowers need not be the organza type.  On the beige card I used flowers from

I definitely think that I went overboard on the red but all three look that little bit different. 

I have left the greeting banner blank of these so that I can add the required greeting when I use the card. For the cards that I have sent, I had typed the greeting in a font that I liked and with a matching colour onto some card and then with a Spellbinder die, ut it out and attached it to the front of the card.  I just then went over a little of it with a clear embossing pen and then clear embossing powder to make it stand out a little more. 

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