Thursday, 16 February 2012

Babies Booties

I thought that it was about time I posted some of my work in parchment paper.  It is a craft that I really enjoy and the finished work can be stunning and you do not see it quite so much.  It is also great to make something different than card sometimes.

The booties that I have here are on parchment paper that has been coloured  with Pergamano Dorso colours.

I belieive the pattern was taken from a book but as I got the pattern some years ago, I am not too sure.  

It is quite quick to make - for parchment craft. There are only two pieces to the pattern and one of these - the sole of the bootie - has very little work on it.

I first colour the parchment paper with the colour I want and then with white ink draw the outline of the bootie and the sole of the bootie.  I then draw the flowers on in Tinta ink in a contrasting colour and emboss the flowers.  In white ink, I draw the stitch line around the bottom of the sole and the edge of the top and strap of the bootie.  I then pierce the parchment using a grid.  Once all that is done, I cut out the bootie and then glue the two pieces together, shaping the bootie.

It is a lovely gift to present to someone on the birth of their child. To personalise it, I make an inside to fit the bootie and then emboss the name, weight and date of birth on it and stick it inside the bootie.

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