Saturday, 16 June 2012

A Circle of Flowers

This card was made using  Ivory coloured parchment paper.  If you have not got coloured parchment paper, you can still achieve a coloured background by colouring your parchment paper with Pergamano Dorsos first.

Although it does not look like a card, it actually folded as a card.

I was really pleased with the way that this turned out and this is a card that I would certainly send someone special.

I first drew the pattern onto the parchment, apart from the outline of the leaves and stems with white tinta ink.  I used a nib to ensure the fineness of the line.  I then drew the outline of the leaves and the stem in sepia tinta ink.
From the reverse, I then embossed the flowers, leaves and borders. 

With the flower petal, I just used a light stroke rather then heavy embossing which gives movement to the petals.  With the centre of the flowers, I used the one hole tool to gently pierce them.

With a fine grid, I then pierced the spaces in the border pattern.  I then folded the card and pierced through the two layers around the outside of the border pattern and then cut away the excess to leave the shape of the card.

I have shown a closeup of flower and the border section.

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  1. Hi Elaine wow this is stunning you must have some patience, I love the effects from parchment they are so elegant, I did buy the tools to have a go but didn't get on very well, I would love to be able to do it.

    Hugs Julie x