Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Heartfelt Creations Workshop Part 2

I have only just got around to taking photographs of the last cards that I made at the Heartfelt Creations workshop.  I must admit that I have never made 8 cards at a workshop before (especially as it was only 1 day) and I think it has taken longer to blog and photograph them than it took to make them!
The format was the same as before with the class kits but this time we used the Arianna Blossoms kit.

Again, we concentrated on the technique rather than the cutting and this time we coloured with Viva Décor 3d Stamping Paint.  I had never used this before but just love it. 
Although you cannot see it on the photos, it actually has a really shimmer finish with out being overpowering.  We just put a very little of the paint onto  sponge and then sprayed some water on it and dabbed it on to the flowers.  The colour that we used in the class was Carmine Red. 
I liked the fact that if you bought the paper pack, then the background of the card was already preprinted and just the addition of a couple of flowers and embellishment made a quick card.

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