Monday, 22 September 2014

Clarity Stamps Workshop Pt 1

I have certainly been busy with workshops lately.   I have managed to get 5 days of quality crafting with some great company.  My latest has been a two day workshop with Barbara Gray of Clarity Stamps and this was yet another superb workshop and will blog in 2 parts again as we completed 4 projects each day - and an extra technique slid in at the end.

I had done a workshop with Barbara a few years ago but really liked the way this one was run as Barbara sat at the front with a projector and large screen behind her so that we could all so the same projects together.  Barbara showed us first and then we did ours with both her and Paul Church going around to make sure that we were all doing it correctly.
This one was not about finishing but purely on the technique although the finished samples could easily be turned into a card. 

I decided to just leave them as samples for future reference and not make them into completed cards.
I have always like the cards Barbara makes but they always look complicated and like a lot of practice is needed to get them right but this workshop proved that this is not the case.
We were also lucky on the first day in that Nigel May from Create and Craft was on holiday in the area and popped in with his partner to see us.  It was nice to see him and proves that he really has an interest in craft and crafters.

The first card was made by using a stencil and making our own stamp pad with distress reinkers and one of the things I learnt from this was how a greeting can be incorporated into the card by stamping the design under the greeting.

The second card was learning about borders and how you can leave a lot of white space but still have a great card and was using distress inks pads an archival ink.

The third was using stencils and how to change colours whilst using it and also using alcohol ink on acetate.  we used Adirondack inks with the stencil.

The last card was using the gelli plate and this was the first time that I had used one.  It certainly made it a lot easier to do a reflection.  We used distress ink rather than paints.

I was surprised how quick these samples were to make and I will certainly be using these techniques again.

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