Saturday, 13 September 2014

Heartfelt Creations Retreat Day 2

I have finally managed to get the last of the photos together for the Heartfelt Creations Workshop.  I really did enjoy this workshop and must admit that there were a lovely bunch of ladies (and one gentleman) attending. 

Emma Lou and Richard were really lovely people and  really seemed to enjoy their job - if you can call that a job! I would certainly go on one of their workshops again.  I can see myself using the techniques that I learnt on both the workshop and the retreat.

I have not had much time to make cards lately as I have had some knitting that I needed to get done but am now trying to combine to both crafts and also trying to throw some quilting into the mix.

We used the Elegant Sweet Juliet and the Delicate Vellum Florals Classroom kits and my favourite was definitely the latter.  I thought that the delicateness of these cards was more to my liking but did like that both sets had a very different look.

These workshops and retreat were certainly worth the money and I would not hesitate to book them again.


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  1. Wow Elaine these cards are gorgeous. Please let me know if you if you hear of any more of their workshops. xx