Monday, 12 March 2012

Parchment Box

This is one of my favourite parchment pieces as I really enjoy whitework and cutting, although it can take a long time to complete.  It is an arched box and would be lovely to present to someone with sweets or little items in.  It might be nice to give wedding favours in but I would not want to spend that much time making the amount that would be required. 

Although I do use patterns out of magazines and books and sometimes use a grid for piercing, I do not use the grids where the patterns are on them as to me that takes the fun out of the craft.

It is 7cm x 5cm x 5.5cm and the top flap fit inside to enable you to close the lid.

It is all made from one piece of parchment paper and you do need to make sure that use a good parchment paper (I use at least 150gsm started with this brand and it is of a good quality but there are others on the market.  Sometimes other brands can be a little too flimsy for items like this.

I first drew the pattern out on the parchment paper with white ink and a nib and then drew the flower petals onto the parchment paper with the same ink and nib. 
I then half pierced the parchment paper between the petals where I was going to later cut it.

I then embossed the flower petals and in the centre of each petal, with gold ink made a small dot. 

I went back after this and fully pierced the parchment paper and once I had completed that, I  cut out the pattern between each petal with scissors.  Cutting out with parchment involves holdong the scissors so that they actually cut an X in the paper after 4 cuts.  It is quite time consuming but does look very effective if done right. 

It is just a shame that my photography skills are not that good.


  1. This is beautiful work. I would never have the patience to make it myself. Gorgeous little box and a lovely keepsake.

    Edna x

  2. Wow this is beautiful Elaine :-)

    Lisa x