Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Blue Flowers

I really enjoyed making this card as it is mainly whitework with a little colouring just to give it that hint of colour. Although it is quite a simple card, it does take a little longer to ensure that the whitework is correct.  I find that you need patience to ensure that you do the whitework correctly as if you rush, you can end up spoiling your work.

The flower pattern was first traced with a very fine line using white tinta ink. It is important that the line is extremely fine so that it does not deflect from the finished work.

I first coloured the reverse of the flowers with a blue dorso crayon and then embossed from the reverse which ensured that the whitework stayed white.
I then drew the outside border in gold tinta ink and then embossed between the pattern and with a two hole tool, pierced around the outside border and then cut away to finish the card. 


  1. Beautiful Elaine love the image and the delicate colours.

    Hugs Julie xx