Thursday, 8 May 2014

Another Quick Card

Whilst going through my peel offs stack for the 2 quick cards I made the other week, I found that I had some medallion peel offs and thought that I would make another quick card from them.

I seem to have so many birthdays from April to June and need to end up making quick cards for some.  As I also have another rather large project on the go, I have needed to make some really quick cards.  This was not quite as quick as the other two as I had to cut out each layer by hand and was a little fiddly.

At first I was going to use glitter but then decided that I would pearlised card although that does not show up on the photo.

I stuck the peels offs on to alternating dark blue and white card and then cut each layer (of which there are five) and then mounted them with foam tape between layers.

I then mounted this onto some plain light blue card and put peel offs around the edge of the card and added peel off corners.

I then put a Dufex greeting on the finish the card.  I wanted the medallion to be the main focus and wanted the rest plain.

This card reminds me of the cards that I first starting making before I had the luxury of being able to die cut my shapes and sometimes it is nice to take that step back again.

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