Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Back to Quilting

This is my first block completed for the quilt that I am making.  I am not sure what made me go rummaging through my cupboard to find the material that I had bought to start making this quilt.  I think it was just that I wanted something extra to throw on the bed for the winter that I decided that I needed to go back to quilting.
When I told my Mother that I had fished the material out and was quilting, she said that I had gone back to my real love and I suppose that it true.  It is just that it has been quicker to make cards than to make a quilt.
This was a pattern that was in Australian Patchwork and Quilting some years ago and I had bought the material at the time but it then just got left and I never actually did anything with it.  The original pattern was for a wall hanging but I just increase the amount of material required to make it a king size quilt.
I don't think that I have done any quilting for at least 12 years or more but there was no way that when I cleared out my craft room that any of my quilting stash was going to go and I was pleased that I hadn't.
This pattern is foundation pieced but I do not use paper, I use a light interfacing and trace the pattern on to it as it gives a little stability to the block.  Also, it does not blunt your needle as quick as paper does.
I was really pleased to get this first block done and now only have another 41 to go! I am hoping that I will be able to get all the blocks made within a year as I will still be making my cards and going to workshops for papercrafting.  I hope then it will be perhaps another two months for the quilting and binding before the quilt is complete.    It is certainly going to be a labour of love.

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  1. Oh wow it's beautiful Elaine, I would love to be able to do quilting, there are so many gorgeous fabrics out there.
    Hugs Julie xxx