Sunday, 18 May 2014

Out the kitchen Window

This is little smaller card than I usually make but I just loved the pattern.  This was from an old copy of a Parchment Craft Magazine.
I traced the pattern by using a stylus and then went over the border with Tinta Ink using green and yellow.
I inked around the edge of the card, teapot and cup with silver ink and then embossed the frame, curtains, teapot, card, mug, the petals of the border flowers and the border.
I painted the leaves of the border with Tinta Ink and the flowerpot and plant.  I also used ink for the decorations on the card, teapot and mug.
I then used a blue dorso crayon to colour the clouds and then mounted onto some blue card.  Using a two hole tool, I went around the edge of the card and then cut to finish.


  1. Such a pretty card Elaine. After seeing that I've decided today would be a good day to get the parchment out again, it's been too long. Hope you enjoy the bank holiday.x

  2. Stunning Elaine I just love it.
    Hugs Julie xxx